Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aktuell im Kino

Click on the link below to see what movies are currently playing in Germany.  Some are American movies and some are not.  Your task it to write a brief description, critique, and recommendation for two of the films.  Make sure to use as much of the new Kapitel 10 vocabulary as possible.

Aktuell im Kino

Kapitel 10

Post a comment on two films.  Make sure they are separate posts. Write the title of your film at the top of your post.  Your posts should be about 7-10 sentences each.  As part of your description, critique, and recommendation you must respond to the following questions:

Wer sind die Scahuspieleren?

Was für ein Film ist er? (Ist er ein Actionfilm?)
Wie ist der Film? (Beschreib den Film.)
Empfehlst du den Film? Für wen? Warum?
(Ich empfehle den Film für Lehreren, weil der Film sehr sensationell und lustig ist.)
empfehlen=to recommend

You must also use the verbs: